A University Update

A University Update

It was important to update the last Introduction to University as a few things have happened since then that I wanted to share with you…..

I have had several calls from women I know 40 plus who have decided to bite the bullet and find out about starting their study now. That is so wonderful to hear – you won’t regret it.

And the second thing is I just submitted some assessments and also received some feedback and some marks.

So I got a 4.5/5 for my very first OPEN BOOK –how do you not get 5/5 in an open book?? It was a quick test and I was terrified – but what really annoyed me was I could have got a 5 – just silly mistakes.  This was the intro to Uni subject COR109 and my first ever test. I’m sure most got a 5/5 but that’s ok.

Then I got a Credit for an assignment in the same subject which I was happy with and received such comprehensive feedback on for next time – I was chuffed as it was mostly grammar and punctuation which I thought I was ok at, but it’s something to work on.

For Social Media, CMN276, I got a Distinction and – I was 1 measly percent off a High Distinction – so I have just submitted my next assessment with high hopes for one next time!

Then for my lovely Journalism CMN130, I managed to get a beautiful High Distinction! Totally thrilled! I am just about to submit another next week so hoping I can keep the marks up there.

That is all the news I have but just wanted to send an update on how I was going in case you are thinking of also starting – do it – it is fine and you will be fine – if I can do it – you definitely can.

And the photo? That was Easter at Rainbow Beach eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming and playing Upwords with family – and it was wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your Easter too. x

Photo of Rainbow Beach Surf Club by myself.

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