The end of an era

The end of an era

Well it’s been a long time between blogs and there is so much to tell – and yet so little – if that makes sense – its the end of an era.

So many ladies I know are having mixed emotions this week as their fist, second or last child leaves grade 12 forever. Others have their children finishing University. Regardless of the event, all bring up emotions and thoughts of the time spent nurturing our children and how that has worked out for us all.

Mine was lucky enough to meet amazing young men who he will have as friends for life – wonderful, kind, young men full of character, personality and truly great abilities. I just adore them all!

End of an era - Womens HQ



He graduated on Thursday night, did the obligatory tunnel and bell ring, surf swim fully clothed on Friday followed by a long sleep. It’s done. All over. I watched the swim with my eldest son who did the same two years before so there were some interesting memories there too.

End of an Era Womens HQ

Ringing the Bell to herald the last day of school forever.

This week alone has been massive and I am exhausted.


I feel immense gratitude for many things including:


  1. Having the courage to move on five years ago.
  2. Making the decision to move the boys to the Sunshine Coast four years ago to give them opportunities they would not have had otherwise.
  3. The way they adapted and become strong, fit, confident men able to stand amongst men and hold their own in any company.
  4. Having the stamina and health to make this happen – doing it alone has enormous responsibilities. Being the breadwinner is huge, but also providing spiritual, physical and mental support leaves you empty.
  5. Having the upbringing I did. It gave me the skills me to teach the boys which they will take through life.
  6. Putting in the work from day one, so I don’t have to do it now.
  7. Having support from family and friends if I needed it.
  8. Being young enough mentally and physically to have another chapter.
  9. Their acceptance into the best school in the world, which has offered them exceptional educational and pastoral care. We will be eternally grateful to two men in particular Mr Davis and Mr Hooper for this opportunity.
  10. It could have gone either way but we are even closer and more appreciate of each other than I could have wished for. Laughter rings out 98 percent of the time in the home, and although I am the funniest, they are quite funny too, so it’s a lovely vibe.


My eldest son has just left his gap year job and – I hope – is taking up an offered position at USC next year.

The youngest has started a part time job for pocket money and has applied to a few universities for 2018 for several different degrees.

I started a new job on the 3rd July at a beautiful high end Sunshine Coast magazine that I absolutely love. It combines my love of print, words, stories, advertising, meeting amazing and energetic people and networking.

The new position meant I had to take a leave of absence from my University studies for this semester, as the job is demanding but that is fine and I go back again in 2018 and with just two subjects, which is manageable, and I am looking forward to.

As proud as I am of the boys, and as grateful as they are for everything, I can’t help but think I too would love a week in a sub penthouse in Cavill Avenue with spending money to celebrate the end of my year with a heap of friends. I actually think I deserve it more too….

So, that is just a snapshot of the past six months in my little world which I know so many others are also experiencing.

I will enjoy being more involved again in Women’s HQ in 2018 and am so looking forward to connecting with everyone again.

There will be some exciting competitions, a few women’s forums and I’ll have the privilege of introducing you to some amazing women.

I am also looking for any writers out there who would like to have their work featured on the Women’s HQ blog. We want to hear YOUR take on being a woman over 40 in today’s world.


Have a great week and talk again soon x Lee


End of an Era - Womens HQ   End of an Era Womens HQEnd of an Era Womens HQ



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