Inviting Love in – part 6!

Inviting Love in – part 6!

Well another exciting episode from Ellejay. I hope you are loving this as much as I am? Thanks Ellejay!

March 2017 Part 6…

It’s interesting when you open yourself up to love how it finds you in unexpected ways. After my learnings from dates 1 and 2, I rewrote my online profile and get a new amount of contact from prospective dates. As I have become more discerning (or perhaps clearer of the type of person I am looking for) I don’t accept any of them and don’t feel bad about it. I know that saying no is an important part of finding the right person for me.

Then quite out of the blue during my work, two wonderful men separately cross my path.

The first I encounter at a business meeting and he is someone that wouldn’t usually grab my attention. He is older than me, dressed smartly in a suit (I am more a tradie/overalls type of girl) but his energy and attentiveness is incredibly attractive. I am distracted during the meeting (thankfully he didn’t ask me something when I wasn’t fully listening!) by thoughts of whether he is married. He’s not wearing a wedding ring but that means nothing. The meeting ends, we exchange pleasantries, he is complimentary of my work and keen to continue a business partnership. Good I think, I will get to see him again J

My boss is someone I trust implicitly and she supports me in all facets of my life. On the way back to the office I share my interest in the man in the suit and my fanciful thoughts of him being single and available and hopefully interested in return! She assures me she will find out (discreetly) as her boss knows him very well personally. The thought of a potential mutual attraction with this man carries me through my day and I go to bed wondering about him.

A few days later after my fanciful thoughts have subsided somewhat, I see my boss who informs me that the man in the suit has a partner. Bummer.“Oh well”, I say to myself, it was a very nice meeting and he is a wonderful asset to our business. Ce la vie!

A week or so later I have another meeting with someone who has some money to donate to our charity. We meet for a coffee at work and instantly I feel connected to him. He’s very ordinary looking, a truck driver with a passion for helping others, and as we chat I am completely bowled over by the chemistry I’m feeling. “Is he feeling it too or is it just my imagination” I think. Again I struggle to focus and as we chat our conversation becomes more personal and he tells me about some of his travels and shows me photos on his phone. There is no urgency on his part to depart. I ask if someone accompanied him on his recent travels and when he responds that he went alone, my heart jumps just a little. I comment that it is a shame he didn’t get to share it with someone and he remarks, “It was good to go on my own, they say you have to love yourself first, don’t they?” Wow, he’s enlightened as well! Now I am well and truly interested.

We take a photo on his phone of us with his donation so he asks for my number so he can send it to me. He also says he would like to do more and has some ideas so he will stay in touch. My heart skips a beat. Is this crazy? How can such a short time with someone evoke so many hopes, dreams and emotions?

I’ve been back in my office about half an hour when the familiar ding of my email sounds and there in my inbox is an email from him. He has sent me the photo via a group email to his company, thanking me and suggesting we do more charity work together. 5 minutes later, another ding. This time it is a personal email from him just to me. I am like an excited schoolgirl! He says how nice it was to meet me and thanks for my time. He hopes I have a great rest of the week and mentions his next travel adventure. That’s it. No suggestion of catching up again or making any other advance. I feel a bit deflated but wonder if he is just sounding me out a bit. I have an excuse to email him back now so I respond, equally exchanging pleasantries but trying to leave the door open for more.

I can’t stop thinking about him over the next few days. Ridiculous! I talk to my closest friends about the exchange and we analyse the hell out of it. After lots of encouragement I decide to ask him out. Everything inside me is screaming “DO NOT MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!” but everyone (including my male friends) tell me that is nonsense and it won’t hurt to reach out first. Perhaps he is not sure they say. I could text him as I have his number but I feel that is just way too stalkerish. I take a deep breath and write a polite but sweet type of email that says how much I enjoyed meeting him and if it isn’t too presumptuous of me, or if he doesn’t have a partner, would he be interested in catching up again for a coffee or a drink sometime? I hit send. Gulp. I know he is going away for a few days so because I have sent it to his work email (what have I done, am I kidding!!??) he won’t get it till he returns. At least 5 days to wait before I hear back……now how to distract myself….