Inviting Love In – Week 5

Inviting Love In – Week 5

Another exciting instalment by Ellejay!

I’ve just returned from a first meeting with date number 2. Disappointment floods my soul. So much potential from a few pics, a profile and a brief chat. Am I being too judgemental though?

He did not ask me ONE question. It is probably my biggest pet hate. How can you meet someone new and not want to know one thing about them? Granted, I have written a lot on my profile so he probably has the gist of it, but not even what did I get up to on the weekend! I asked a fair few, trying to show my interest in his life and a genuine desire to get to know what makes him tick. Perhaps I am at fault here, wanting to know too much too soon and force it. Maybe that is just the way men tick.

I had a freaky moment where he was talking about himself (which he did almost the whole time) and it was like I was sitting across from my ex-husband. Whinging about work and the way he had been mistreated, taken advantage of, overlooked for promotion, blah, blah, blah. Run… run as fast as you can I thought. LOL

But the funny thing is, there was chemistry here for me. I really felt attracted to him. Despite his whinging and his lack of interest in knowing anything about me, here I was liking this bloke and wishing he was different. This time there were no attempts at any physical contact. Not a hug or a kiss either hello or goodbye. No talk about anything deep and meaningful (ok it was 6am), but nothing of substance discussed. I walk away wondering what he walked away with. Perhaps, he was not attracted at all and hence the lack of interest in finding out anything about me. It has been drummed into us that men are visual creatures. So perhaps from the first look he thought, “nup” and that was it. Despite him asking me to have breakfast after the walk, when we get to the café he orders his own coffee (without asking about what I want) and when I ask is he having breakfast he replies, “no, I don’t really eat breakfast”. Hmmm…Interesting. Ok chalk that one up to experience.

I decide to send a message to date number 1 explaining a little more about my awkwardness on yesterday’s date and thanking him for how nice he was and also how courageous he was. I want to encourage him to keep going and not give up with finding the match that is a perfect fit for him. He deserves that. As for date number 2, well I think I won’t even bother messaging him at all. It really was a most unsatisfying experience, so time to reset. I’m not going to give up that easily.

Am going to change my profile again which is the third time in a month!I had a girlfriend read it for me who pointed out some changes she thought I should make and even she said it was way too long. I start to wonder if men even read the profiles or do they just go by the pictures? Note to self, must be more inquisitive in my chatting and cover some important bases before agreeing to meet. Let’s see how that goes….