My Mental Honeymoom

My Mental Honeymoom


In my experience, people who drink are usually having such a good time they don’t care if others are drinking or not. They usually don’t even notice. Or if they do it means a possible free lift home.

You know yourself if you could be a better and more productive person if you didn’t rely on alcohol to get through life.

But lets face it, most of life’s funniest and silliest memories happened after a liberal dosing of wine – well they did in my life.

In the lead up to Christmas, which this year started around the 1st November, there just seemed to have been end of year events, awards, launches, and meetings every second night. The December parties had moved into November.

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Quality and ample wine and food are a prerequisite for most of these events, which in the past I have attended with glee, and no resolve whatsoever except to get my monies worth.

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However this year on the 1st November, I realised that if I wanted to make it to Christmas Day this year I would have to make some drastic changes in my life.

I also had my Birthday, Melbourne Cup, my sons Valedictory, and end of school events in November which meant both my sons were done – a cause for major celebrations.

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Valedictory – the water is mine. 🙂 So is the boy man.

As much as I live for a get together with a cold drink, I could see the busier I was getting, the more I was leaning on that cold drink to get me through the next day.

I also found that the broker I got paying for end of school year events, sports and costs was directly proportionate to my level of excitement for free drinks.

Some people have the admirable ability of just having one or two drinks however that is a skill I never mastered so I made the decision on the 1st November to give up alcohol for good. …….

I have stopped drinking before several times. I never touched it when I was pregnant and I have stopped while on health kicks and ‘dieting’ and also when the boys were young for a time. But I never gave it up – I just stopped it for a while.

My generation particularly, the girls of the 60’s and 70’s grew up sharing $2 bottles of Summer Wine, smoking B & H extra mild or Winnie Blues each and every Friday and Saturday night – it was life.

We were the first generation where alcohol and smoking was a huge part of our life. Nearly everyone was enjoying it to excess and you were more conspicuous for not drinking or smoking rather than the opposite.

A lot of the more mature of my generation left it behind in the eighties but a lot of us just kept on going as it was a big part of our life.

I won’t deny I love the excitement and thrill of getting together over a bubbly and all the nonsense that goes with it (which I usually instigate), and will miss that but I am still hilarious so no-one will notice….

So, I am really very excited about this new chapter in my life and I am really embracing the changes necessary to be successful. I call it my mental honeymoon because I can just get rid of that whole mental thought process and repercussions. I feel more solid and strong and in control.

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My beautiful Acai bowls taste better than ever.

I love waking up each day with a clear head and no remorse which I suffered from greatly. I am loving my Acai Bowls and trying out lots of ‘good’ food, even dabbling in vegetarian food.


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Vegetarian tastes great too

I definitely have a desire to do more and I actually analyse each event more now and go ‘mmm this is ok, yep I got through this one, time to drive home.”  Water, sparkling water, cold water – it all tastes fine and I don’t feel I am missing out.

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My amazing Source bottle – ice stayed frozen in it for 3 hours – cold water on tap. (Caloundra Source bulk foods)

I have found I miss the ‘reward’ of a drink at the end of the day difficult and will have to find a replacement for that – a walk on the beach or a game maybe.

It’s definitely been a crutch – If you have a big day – aaahhh I deserve this; a quiet day aaahhh I need this; a sad day aaahhh I want this; a happy day aaahhh I love this.

And to me the funniest thing is, I have looked forward to the day both my boys graduate for 20 years so I could have a real bender – and here I am – with more time on my hands than any time I can remember – and I am drinking…tea.

Melbourne Cup day saw me at the beach with my boys drinking coffee and swimming.


My Mental Honeymoon Womens HQ

My Melbourne Cup 2017

My birthday I have a gorgeous friend who leant me her Mercedes Convertible! So I cruised around visiting friends and family and having a ball – I even had a sleep over with no wine gasp!


My Mental Honeymoon Womens HQ

My 56th birthday in the Mercedes Convertible


I am back at the gym every morning and loving it. My boys love that I am not drinking and I can actually look them in the eye as I now have no vices and no shame.

It is not my desire to stop anyone else from drinking or to judge, it just feels right for me and I think it will be the making of me to be honest.

Thanks for reading – and have a great week-end – I have a highly coveted ticket for TedX Brisbane for tomorrow so that is my reward!! Tell you all about it soon. x






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