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Women’s HQ is now reaching a fantastic audience with our social media pages reaching nearly 10,000 viewers per week. We are SO excited about this – THANK YOU EVERYONE! With our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest we have a strong loyal following and we are growing daily.

We are now preparing a Women’s HQ kitchen next as Lee’s health kick is all consuming and so many ladies aren’t as lucky to live in a place like the Sunshine Coast where your food fetishes are easily fixed in a number of café’s and restaurants. So we will bring you recipes to make at home with amazing healthy raw ingredients plus some family faves. Plus we will have our e-commerce shop up soon which will have some fabulous, Women’s HQ merchandise for sale!

We would love to work together if:

  •  You are launching a new product and want exposure
  •  You have a product you would like reviewed by us
  • You have a venue you would like us to visit and review
  • You have a recipe you would like us to try out and review
  • You have a product you would like us to use in our cooking and review
  • You are seeking a solid credible Brand Ambassador
  •  You would like us to become an influencer endorsing your product or brand.

We only work with brands we personally approve and endorse. We provide a credible, trustworthy promotion of your brand with high visibility through our social media channels.  We already have the audience of women 40 plus – and we would love to work with you.

We are Women’s HQ – the headquarters for Women 40 plus. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest or join our mailing list for our once a week catch-up of all our blogs for that week.

Please email for more information – I would love to have a chat.